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Leonardo da Vinci

Secondary school teachers are addressed by the [email protected] project. More than 120 teachers from Italy, Belgium and Spain have been involved in the testing of the ELS Portal with their students. All information on schools and teachers involved are collected in the database below.

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Address Partner Institution
Abbaye de Flône Chaussée Romaine n°2, 4540 Flône-Amay, Belgium INFOREF
AEDE-EL rue des Vennes, n°84, B-4020 Liège (Belgium) INFOREF
Cecoforma 14 Rue Léon Frédéricq 4020 Liège - Belgium INFOREF
Centro Territoriale Permanente Via R. Leoncavallo n°12 50100 Firenze Pixel Associazione
CIFP Hostelería y Turismo Paseo de Begoña, 30 Gijón 33205 CPR Gijón
CIFP La Laboral C/ Luís Moya Blanco, 335 33203 Gijón CPR Gijón
CLI Dante Alighieri P.zza della Repubblica 5 Firenze Pixel Associazione
Collège Notre-Dame Gemmenich Rue de Moresnet, 157 - 4851 GEMMENICH INFOREF
Collège Sainte-Véronique Rue Rennequin Sualem, 15, B-4000 Liège, Belgium INFOREF
Commulangues Chemin Ancion, 37B - 4652 XHENDELESSE INFOREF
Corail Place Xavier Neujean, 37 - 4000 LIÈGE INFOREF
EOI AVILÉS Prol. José Cueto, s/n. Avilés CPR Gijón
EOI de Gijón C/ Puerto de Vegarada s/n 33207 Gijón CPR Gijón
EOI Mieres El Batán, s/n Mieres CPR Gijón
HELMo Sainte-Claire rue de Stembert, n°90 - 4800 VERVIERS, Belgium INFOREF
I.E.S. Dr Fleming Dr Fleming, 7 Oviedo CPR Gijón
I.E.S.”David Vázquez Martínez” C/Prado de la Hueria s/n Pola de Laviana 33980 A CPR Gijón
I.I.S.S. 'B. CELLINI' Via Masaccio, 8 50100 Firenze Pixel Associazione
IC Salvo D’Acquisto Via Colombo, 11 19020 Follo (SP) Pixel Associazione
IES ASTURES C/ Leopoldo Lugones, 26 33420 Lugones (Siero) As CPR Gijón
IES Avelina Cerra Dionisio Ruisánchez s/n Ribadesella 33560 Astur CPR Gijón
IES Carreño Miranda Cervantes s/n 33402 Avilés Asturias CPR Gijón
IES Fernández Vallín C/PÉREZ DE AYALA S/N Gijón 33207 CPR Gijón
IES Jovellanos Avenida Constitución s/n Gijón 33071 CPR Gijón
IES LA QUINTANA Jaime Alberti, s/n 33900 Ciaño Langreo Asturia CPR Gijón
IES MATA JOVE C/ Simón Bolívar s/n CPR Gijón
IES Monte Naranco c/Pedro Caravia, 9 - 33012- Oviedo (Asturias) CPR Gijón
IES Montevil San Nicolás 51, 33210 Gijón. Asturias (Spain) CPR Gijón
IES Nº 1 C/ Puerto Vegarada s/n Gijón 33207 Asturias CPR Gijón
IES nº 5 Dolores Ibarruri, 17. 33440 Avilés - Asturias - S CPR Gijón
IES Nº 5 C/Dolores Ibarruri,17 Avilés 33403 Asturias CPR Gijón
IES NOREÑA C/ Los Riegos, s/n Noreña 33180 CPR Gijón
IES PADRE FEIJOO c/ María Zambrano s/n Gijón 33213 CPR Gijón
IES ROCES Avenida de Salvador Allende, 4 Gijón 33211 Astu CPR Gijón
IES Rosario de Acuña Puerto de Vegarada s/n Gijón 33207 Asturias CPR Gijón
IES TINEO C/ Fernández Negrete, 2 Tineo 33870 CPR Gijón
IIS "Arturo Checchi" Viale Gramsci, 7 – Fucecchio FI Pixel Associazione
IIS “Ferrini” Via Massara, 8 28922 Verbania (VB) Pixel Associazione
Institut de la Providence Avenue Reine Astrid, 2a - 4650 HERVE INFOREF
Institut Saint-Laurent Rue Saint-Laurent, 33 4000 LIEGE, Belgium INFOREF
Institut Saint-Luc Rue Louvrex, 111 - 4000 Liège, Belgium INFOREF
Institut Sainte-Julienne Avenue des Martyrs, 246 4620 Fléron BELGIUM INFOREF
ISIS Gianni Rodari Via Galcianese, 20/F 59100 Prato Pixel Associazione
ISS Leonardo da Vinci Via del Terzolle, 91 50127 Florence Italy Pixel Associazione
Istituto Statale Arte Firenze Piazzale di Porta Romana, 9 50100 Firenze Pixel Associazione
ITC “P. Dagomari” Via Reggiana, 86 – 59100 - Prato Pixel Associazione
Les Rivageois Rue des Rivageois n°6, 4000 LIEGE - Belgium INFOREF
Liceo Giotto Ulivi via Caiani 64 50032 Borgo San Lorenzo (FI) Pixel Associazione
Liceo Scientifico Agnoletti via Ragionieri, 47 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (FI) Pixel Associazione
Liceo Scientifico Nicoloso Via Marconi, 41 16036 Recco (GE) Pixel Associazione
Liceo Scientifico Rodolico Via Baldovinetti, 5 50142 Florence Italy Pixel Associazione
Lycée Saint-Jacques Rue Darchis, 35 - 4000 LIÈGE INFOREF
Oviedo University Departamento de Construcción e Ingeniería de Fab CPR Gijón
Saint-Lambert et Saint-Laurent Rue Elisa Dumonceau, 75 4040 Herstal BELGIUM INFOREF
Sainte-Croix Rue Hors-Château, 61 - 4000 LIEGE INFOREF
Scuola Leonardo da Vinci via M. Bufalini 3 Florence Italy Pixel Associazione
SeGEC Avenue E. Mounier, 100 - 1200 Bruxelles INFOREF
SeGEC - European Department Avenue E. Mounier, 100 - 1200 Bruxelles INFOREF
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