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Leonardo da Vinci

Project's Partnership
Pixel's mission is to promote an innovative approach to education, training and culture, this is done mostly by trying to exploit the best potential of ICT for education and training.
Pixel has developed strong co-operation and partnerships, all over Europe, with training organisations, educational establishments, research and development centres, public authorities etc.
Pixel has significant experience in the field of European cooperation and transnational collaboration. Pixel has been / is currently involved in about 40 projects financed by the European Commission in the framework of the following programmes: Socrates ODL; Socrates Minerva; Socrates Grundtvig; Socrates Lingua; Socrates Comenius; Leonardo da Vinci; eLearning; Lifelong Learning.
Of those projects: 14 were developed in the field of teachers' training; 8 were developed on the field of language learning; 6 focused on research on education and training; 6 were developed in the field of training for youth; 3 were developed in the social field; 2 were developed in the field of in-company training.
Pixel has coordinated / is coordinating over 40 training projects at regional level, funded by the European Social Fund.
Of those projects: 22 were developed in the field of in-company training; 10 were developed in the field of training for youth to support their entrance in the labour market; 8 were developed on the field of equal opportunities.
Pixel is accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education with legislative act of 25/7/2006. Also, its quality system was certified compliance with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.
Bildungswerk ver.di
Bildungswerk ver.di is an non-profit institution located in Lower Saxony (north-western part of Germany) for the adult education an vocational training. It offers courses in Political Science, Communication, Environment, Languages, Design and Training courses for Women.
We have a staff of 55 persons. We are cooperating with other educational organisations (e. g. Deutsche Angestellten Akademie, DAA) and teachers.
CESPIM srl (agency for SME's innovation) was born in 1986 as technical structure of CONFAPI (Italian Confederation of the Small and Medium Enterprises which today represents more than 50,000 associated enterprises employing about a million of workers): it is located in Rome at Via delle Covertite n. 5, Italy.CESPIM's staff is composed by 4 persons: National agreements with enterprises office (Mrs Elisabetta Boffo), International Projects office (Mr. Giuseppe Solarino), European contracts office (Mr. Nicola Luceri), plus 2 consultants (administration and project report responsible + project support).
Connectis s.r.l.
Connectis is formed on the basis of operating in the field of Information and Communication Technologies. Connectis covers various IT areas and focuses on software development and computer systems, the creation and production of multimedia material and computerized advertising graphics. Particular attention is given to the use and diffusion of New Technologies based on Internet use. Commercial and educational software is produced by Connectis. Connectis core business is the production of e-learning platforms.
CPR Gijón
Centro del Profesorado y de Recursos de Gijón (CPR Gijón) is a public institution for in-service teacher training. It is governed by the Consejería de Educación del Principado de Asturias - the regional educational authority-. It was created in 1985, since when it has been in charge of the professional development of the teachers in the area (over 100 schools and 3,000 teachers).
The staff is made up of thirteen educational advisers in charge of Early Learning, Primary Education, Spanish Language and Literature, Asturian Culture, Modern Foreign Languages, Social Science (Geography and History), Philosophy, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Technology, Music, Fine Arts and Physical Education, Vocational Education, Pupils with Special Educational Needs, Innovation Projects, New Technology and Audio-Visual Resources. There are also office clerks and a librarian plus administration and management units.
INFOREF, "Initiatives pour une formation efficace" (Initiatives for efficient training), is a non-profit association of teachers and technical educational experts offering services to primary and secondary schools and also to adult education. INFOREF has a full time staff of nine people. INFOREF is also supported by several teachers, consultants and technical experts. The association disseminates relevant information on the educational innovative experiences and materials through a web site (http://www.inforef.be). INFOREF also offers a support for the use of innovative teaching technologies and methodologies and for the introduction of innovative educational systems e-Learning based.
Our staff is specialized in the field of ICT and in the management of European projects.
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